Plant based vegan diet & others

Here are three videos I would like to share with you. All of them are from vegsource.
First one is about Low Carb Diets (Atkins etc.), very popular for weight loss but is it really successful—setting-record-straight-video.html

Second video features Ultimate Fighter competition winner James Wilks who is also a practising vegan:—james-lighting-wilks—is-vegan-video.html

And the third video is from low fat and mainly starch diet guru John McDougall:—-avoid-doctors-to-protect-your-health-video.html

Have a long, happy and healthy life.

Fats that heal

Udo Ersamus,  cholesterol myth buster and guru of fats, writer of the book, “Fats that heal, Fats that kill”, made a blended oil of all essential fats in one. Ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats is 2:1. Remaining meals during the day will balance the omega-3 and omega-6 down to a healthy level required for good health.

Udo’s Choice Oil Blend can be found at plus the feedback from customers. Many have lost weight, gained energy and cured a number of diseases.

Now, I have created my own blend from flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and coconut flakes, Mix contains 6 tsp flax, 2 tsp sunflower, 2 tsp sesame and 2 tsp desiccated coconut, which I add to my green smoothie or grind and spread the mix over some yoghurt. By the way that is exactly the seeds I am taking with me on holidays.

Have a long, happy and healthy life.

Holiday Greens!

It is impossible to find a hotel online which serves green smoothies. At least I have not yet found a hotel this way. Being away from home is challenging at best of times but without smoothies it can be daunting. But over the years I have found a way to stick to my diet.

I take plenty of fresh green leaves, usually found at the salad bar of any good hotel, at all three meal times. Add to that any fresh fruits and raw coloured vegetables. This year I will pack the flaxseeds, sesame and sunflower seeds together with a small coffee grinder in my suitcase for my daily portion of essential fats. Well it is not a green smoothie but close to it.

Have a fine “green” holiday.

Healthy eyes

Besides improving my eye-sight with a healthy diet and a daily portion of green smoothie I am probably, or should I say definitely, protecting myself from age related eye diseases.

Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) conducted by the National Eye Institute in 2001 and 2005 looked for possible benefits of Nutrition on Macular Degeneration. Results of the these studies showed a halting or slowing of macular degeneration through consumption ofvitamins A,C,E, antioxidants and omega-3 fats.

Most of the nutrients such as omega-3 fats and lutein and zeaxanthin are present in green, leafy vegetables.Simple and delicious way to get all these greens is to make a green smoothie and drink it daily.

Have a long, happy and healthy life.

Fauja Singh, 101, runs London marathon

Fauja Singh, born 1911 in Punjab India, ran his first marathon at the age of 89. Since then he has set up many world records for long distance running. In April 2012, he completed the London marathon in 7 hours 49 minutes.

What is his secret, except running everyday?

Fauja says he follows a simple vegetarian diet: “I am very careful about different foods. My diet is simple phulka , dal, green vegetables, yoghurt and milk. I do not touch parathas, pakoras, rice or any other fried food. I take lots of water and tea with ginger.”  Other secret is positive thinking.

Fauja has decided to make this his last full marathon. But he intends to keep on running as long he lives. Fauja is welcome to Club150s and I hope he wll make it to 150.

Have a long, happy and healthy life.

Improve your eyesight

Summer of  2003, when I had my last eye test, the left eye was -4.0 and the right eye was -3.75 and a certain amount of astigmatism, rotation of the eye, in both eyes.

My favourite optometrist, Meena, tested my eyes last week to see if they had improved. And guess what, the latest results showed that left and right eye were both at -2.75 with very little rotation. That is an exceptionally good result when you think my eyesight had slowly deteriorated from the age of 15 to 50. This improvement is achieved through eating a healthy diet and doing some gentle eye and facial exercise daily.

Now let’s see if I can improve on this result and perhaps even return to a perfect score of 0.00.

Have a long, happy and healthy life.

Bernardo: healthy and active at 110 years

Beranardo Lapallo born in 1901 is alive and kicking. Bernardo says his father, who lived to be 98, told him to “… eat properly, get your rest… He told me not to eat ordinary  red meat. He said lamb is okay, but red meat, stay away from it. Hot  dogs, french fries and all those things don’t eat it.” Further Beranardo advises people to eat honey, garlic, cinnamon, chocolate and olive oil. You can find Bernardo’s blog on

Have a long, happy and healthy life.

Healthy happy new year to all

It is just a few hours before we enter a new year. Time to look back at 2011. I have had a really great year: 365 healthy days, not one single day when I felt sick. This is the fourth year in a row without feeling sick or taking any medical drugs.

Further I have published Club150s web site in 2011. I am delighted with all the visitors who have decided to follow the health tips. I hope they will tell their success story here sometime next year.

Finally for anyone who is still not decided I would like to say make a new year resolution to give the green smoothie a chance for at least a month or two in 2012 and feel the wondrous changes in your health. Don’t just take my word for it, find out for yourself.

Enjoy New Years Eve, raise a glass of champagne or whatever you like and see you again soon.

Have a long, happy and healthy life.

Google extends life to 150

How? I hear you asking. Well if you got to via google search then you are now on your way to extending your life. Take you time to browse through the posts and health tips. Follow the tips to suit your needs. Results can be seen in less than a month.

Google and other search engines actually only confirm your own thoughts. For instance I spent the first six months after my heart attack searching the internet for information about heart disease. Well I came across lots of information on drugs, cholesterol, diabetes, stents, bypass surgery: on pump and off pump and many other treatments but never never anything related to reversing heart disease. But once I started to search on natural cures, Ornish, Pritkin then suddenly google and yahoo opened up a totally wondrous world. One which has led me to write this site.

Superfoods: health benefits

It is true folks, Tesco supermarket packaging in the UK labels fresh spinach a SUPERFOOD. On the other side it gives instructions to microwave, stir fry, steam and boil spinach in 2-3 minutes. By the way Tesco forgets to mention that spinach can also be eaten raw in a salad or blended in a green smoothie.

Why is spinach a superfood? Here is what Tesco  says on the packaging, “Superfoods: A source of vitamin A for healthy skin and eyes as part of a varied  and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 100g of Tesco Fresh leaf spinach provides 580microgram of vitamin A, 74% of RDA. To achieve healthy benefits you should eat at least 100 gram of Tesco Fresh leaf spinach.”

It should be obvious that it is at least 100g per day of spinach or other leafy greens from Tesco or any other source. I am glad the health police don’t read the labels otherwise they will have banned this.