Ingredients: to make 1.5 liter / 3 pints / 6 cups

300g (10 oz) Spinach leavesGreen Smoothie - Basic
1 banana
1 peach or apricot or mango
1 handful berries: strawberries or blue berries
5 cups of water


Start by adding fruits and one cup of water in the blender and blend for a minute.
Now add the spinach leaves and more water in the blender and blend further for a minute or two until the mixture rotates around smoothly. It is now ready to drink.

Note: I use fresh fruits when they are available in the summer months. Otherwise canned or frozen fruit will work just as well.

I mix spinach or substitute it with other green leaf vegetables such as kale, endive, romaine lettuce and normal lettuce.


Green Energy Smoothie

This is the same green smoothie with added seeds and nuts. The seeds are full of essential oils. Flaxseeds contain omega3. Omega3 is also present in all green leaves. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds contain omega6. Coconut is full of beneficial saturated fat.

Additional ingredients:

6 tsp Flaxseeds
2 tsp Pumpkin seeds
2 tsp Sunflower seeds

6 tsp Dessicated (powdered) coconut

You can add the seeds and coconut in the blender together with the fruit. You can also grind the seeds in a coffee bean grinder and add the grounded seeds to the mix.

I prefer to use seeds instead of ready made oil as the seeds also contain valuable proteins, vitamins and minerals required for good health.

Super Green Smoothie

This is the same green smoothie with added herbs, spices and superfoods. Superfoods are foods that contain more proteins or vitamins or essential fats than other comparable foods.

Choice of additional ingredients:

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp turmeric plus pinch of black pepper
1 tsp Cocoa powder (chocolate)
astragalus powder
kelp powder
wheatgrass powder
mint, basil, sage etc.

I use cayenne pepper one day and turmeric the other day. Chocolate powder adds extra flavour to the smoothie.

Super Green Energy Smoothie

Make a combination of ingredients from all three recipes.