Superfoods: health benefits

It is true folks, Tesco supermarket packaging in the UK labels fresh spinach a SUPERFOOD. On the other side it gives instructions to microwave, stir fry, steam and boil spinach in 2-3 minutes. By the way Tesco forgets to mention that spinach can also be eaten raw in a salad or blended in a green smoothie.

Why is spinach a superfood? Here is what Tesco  says on the packaging, “Superfoods: A source of vitamin A for healthy skin and eyes as part of a varied  and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 100g of Tesco Fresh leaf spinach provides 580microgram of vitamin A, 74% of RDA. To achieve healthy benefits you should eat at least 100 gram of Tesco Fresh leaf spinach.”

It should be obvious that it is at least 100g per day of spinach or other leafy greens from Tesco or any other source. I am glad the health police don’t read the labels otherwise they will have banned this.

Daily vitamin supplements

First book that put me on the path to healthy living was ”Why animals don’t get heart attack but people do” by Dr. Rath. Back in 2003 I started taking 3 to 4 grams of vitamin C daily and I have continued to do so ever since. Vitamin C helps to maintain the immune system at its optimum level.

Another vitamin I take daily is vitamin D3. Why? Because there is so much research being published that link low levels of vitamin d in the blood with all sorts of illnesses.  Even if only one or two of these links are true then it will be worth it. Dr. Davis recommends high dosage of vitamin d3 for everyone. You can read his blog on track your plaque site.

Normally I try to live on ingredients that can be found easliy in most grocery stores and supermarkets. Vitamin C is probably available in sufficient amounts in fruit and vegetables and may not be totally necessary. But I definitely do not get enough vitamin d as I spend most of my day working indoors in an office.

I purchase my vitamins online from The prices are competetive and delivery charges for orders outside US are reasonable. First time customers can get a five dollar ($5) discount by entering this code: LUT897. Other online site I order from is

Have a long, happy and healthy life.