Health tips


My diet is a combination of diets given in the books I have read.

It is 80% Alkaline (20% Acid) diet, 80% is raw, 90% is vegetarian and probably calorie restricted. I say probably because I have never bothered to weigh what I eat but I think it is less than the recommended 2000 calories per day.

Further it used to be low fat as recommended by Drs Ornish, Mcdougall, Esselsteyn and Gould. In fact I started on an extremely low fat diet but after two weeks without fat I was truly tired the whole day. Not good. My body needed some fat so I added oily fish, fish oil and a handful almonds, walnuts and peanuts to my diet.

Current diet is greens, fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, oats, chocolate, raw nuts, chicken and fish. Delicious!


Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K and fish oil.


30 minutes walk daily.