Postponed multiple bypass surgery 15 years ago

In 2003 I suffered heart attacks. Diagnosis at the time was bypasss surgery as soon as possible. Angioplasty and stent was not an option due to serious amount of plaque in the main arteries.

I was given about 18 months to live without bypass surgery.

I am now almost 15 years further without surgery. Purely on lifestyle changes: food, drinks, vitamin supplements and 30 minute walking per day.

Fats that heal:

Vitamin C
Vitamin D3 (softgel)
Vitamin K (K1 & K2)
Omega 3 fishoil capsule

Fruits (fresh, frozen, dried)

Nuts (raw mainly)
Wholemeal bread (1 slice or less per day)

Small amount of chicken
and oily fish (herring, salmon)

Pure chocolate ( 72 or 85% chocolate)

Red wine on occassions
Green smoothie everyday ( )

30 minute walking

It is so simple.

Have a long, happy and healthy life.

Standard cure: medicines, stents and bypass surgery

If you have trouble accepting the natural lifestyle cure for heart or in fact all health problems then may be you should read and be informed over the “standard cure”. My sister has written a blog about bypass surgery :

If you are ever admitted to hospital then remember no one will advise you or even offer you the choice of lifestyle changes. At best lifestyle changes will be advised as something complementary to heart surgery. If you survive all credits go to the doctor. If you do not survive then it was your own fault.

Have a long , happy and healthy life.